What is Intermodal?

To cut costs and add capacity along with decreasing your carbon footprint, intermodal shipping is a fantastic shipping option. Using a combination of rail and truck, intermodal transportation uses multiple methods of transportation to deliver freight to its destination.

Saves Time and Money with Intermodal Shipping:

Companies shipping truckloads over 650 miles now have a real alternative in domestic intermodal. Gulf Coast Logistics offers door-to-door intermodal on 40’ & 53' equipment to maximize shipping lane capacity, minimize costs and guarantee reliable delivery of their products.

Key Advantages Intermodal has over Truckload:

• An average of 15% to 18% cost savings
• Capacity solution for constrained truckload lanes
• More visibility with up-to-the-minute tracking
• Truck competitive transit times
• Enhanced security
• Decreased highway congestion
• Improved carbon footprint

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