Our operations are fully integrated with sophisticated, networked, and state-of-the art computer system that maintains and tracks every shipment. We utilize over 5,000 trucking companies with over 50,000 trucks to cover your loads, wherever and whenever you need them for freight shipping.

Shipper’s Cargo Interest

Shipper’s Interest Cargo Insurance Gulf Coast Logistics’ insurance provides clients typically $100,000 with exclusions. While the exclusions in the Trucker’s policy forms will differ from policy to policy, the Shipper’s Interest Coverage always remains constant. Shipper’s Interest Insurance provides coverage for the direct physical loss or damage to the cargo, not the Carrier’s Liability, which is not something any Motor Truck Cargo/Carrier’s Liability Insurance covers.

Shippers Interest Cargo Insurance is not limited to just over the road, it additionally includes every single mode of transportation from origin to destination. Gulf Coast Logistics offers Shipper’s Interest Cargo Insurance at an affordable rate based on your needs to insure your cargo is covered. Contact one of our customer service professionals for more information.